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Ningbo Yinzhou Join Machinery Co., Ltd. has been founded since 2006 and become one of the best suppliers of G.E.T. parts in China with great experience. Most of our customers have cooperated with the world leading companies, such as BYG, JCB, NBLF…… We are Joint Venture of three firms with Ningbo Yinzhou Join Machinery Co., Ltd. & Ningbo Qiuzhi Machinery Co; Ltd & Ningbo Huanan Casting Co., Ltd.

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Why Choose Us

  • Market & Product Range

    All European and American countries are our target Markets. We are familiar with 85% of target markets with 16 years’ exporting experience since 2006.

  • Quality Process and Control

    In every manufacturing process, we have strict QC system from raw material to finished product with using professional mechanical equipment and inspection equipment.

  • Guarantee and Warranty

    Good Quality is basic and most important belief to us. We have very strict quality test for every process of production and finished products for bucket teeth & adapters.

  • Cost to Satisfy

    To provide customers with the best quality service, creating the highest cost performance of bucket teeth & adapters and help customers to success is our consistent objective.

  • Comprehensive Product Parts

    To provide customers more options and convenience,we have added more relative G.E.T parts . Not only our main full product range of bucket teeth & adapters.

  • Capacity & Delivery

    Every weekly meeting with our whole team cooperation, we have well -established system, ensure every order’s punctual delivery.